Live a Board


Come and experience the Andaman’s like never before! Now offering exclusive live-a-board trips to the most remote places in the Andaman Islands.

  • Barren Island – India’s only active volcano. Here you can troll or live bait for Marlin, or go jigging the steep walls for monster Dog Tooth Tuna.
  • The Invisible Banks – A huge sea mount that rises from nearly 1200 meters to 7 meters. Some of the best popping in the world can be found here. Mammoth GT’s and Doggies on the top of this reef.
  • Narcondam– An extinct volcano. There are many sea mounts surrounding this island. Trolling for Marlin and jigging the tops of these mounts will have your reel screaming!

These are just a few amazing places; others include Little Andaman, South Sentinel, South, Middle and North Coral Banks.

Boat Specs

  • 12+8 capacity
  • 4 double A/C rooms
  • 1 quadruple A/C room
  • dinning area
  • 2 bathrooms
  • kitchen