About Mike's Fishing Adventures

Mike grew up in Oman and has over 17 years' experience fishing in tropical waters. Having spent much of his teenage years game fishing for large tuna and dorado, he developed a sixth sense when it comes to fish location, enabling him to place clients in the best possible areas of water.

Mike visited the Andaman Islands for the first time in 2008 and instantly fell in love with its beauty and the incredible fishing opportunities the water provides. His passion for both fishing and conserving the islands marine resources led him to set up Mike's Fishing Adventures based on Havelock Island.

Mike's Fishing Adventures is based at Havelock Island in the Andaman Islands, where the pristine waters surrounding us hold record breaking fish. .

The itineraries range from half day trips, day trips, multiple day packages, to tailor-made exploration excursions. The near virgin reef systems are ideal for popping, whereas the deep water reefs provide amazing jigging, all of this made accessible by our speed boats. Based on the clients requirements, the trips can also incorporate both snorkeling and jungle treks.

David began fishing canals and ponds for murrel and carp during his formative years in boarding school. He was encouraged in his endeavors by a teacher or two who quickly realized the benefits of freshly caught fish on the table. He soon graduated to spinning for golden masheer during the summer holidays in the lower ranges of the Teesta which originates in North Sikkim.

While posted at Chennai he became an avid surfcasting angler but soon began venturing offshore on local fishing boats. A 2009 visit to the Andamans endend up in him relocating to the Andamans.

Accommodation is available to suit all budgets. For those who wish to retire overnight in luxury, we offer our flagship resort "Barefoot at Havelock, Jungle Resort", located dramatically in the forest adjoining Havelock's famous Beach No.7, endorsed by Time Magazine as the Best Beach in Asia. For those on more of a budget, we also have mid-range and budget accommodation attached to our dive center at Beach No.3 or, if you wish to reside along with our friendly boat and eco tour crew who are all members of the Indian domiciled Burmese-Karen tribe, we also offer budget accommodation at our eco tour base by the jetty at Beach No.1.

This much can be said – no two trips are the same and the big surprises are what make each trip so unique and worthwhile.

At Mike's Fishing Adventures we are driven by our love for fishing in the Andaman Islands, by a desire to share its wonderment with others and by the conviction to conserve our marine resources.

If hooking into large GT's or Doggies has been a long-standing dream, or if you just wish to explore the pristine fishing grounds, we'll take things at your pace and arrange itineraries based on your preferences. At Mike's Fishing Adventures, we are driven by our love for the islands, for fishing, and a desire to share the experience with others.